These days, everyone is talking about the flavor and creaminess of nitrogen ice cream. This delectable goodness features dense, creamy ice cream that somehow manages to improve an already-amazing treat. If you’re ready to try nitrogen ice cream in Orlando or Lake Mary, our parlor is here and ready to impress!

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream offers top-notch products served in a fun, clean, and welcoming environment. If you’re curious about the science behind liquid nitrogen in ice cream, keep reading for a simple walkthrough. If you’re ready to taste the premium difference, be sure to visit one of our ice cream shops across Florida today!

Liquid Nitrogen 101

As you may remember from your school years, nearly 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, with oxygen accounting for most of the rest. Nitrogen is deployed for a variety of uses worldwide, and can prove to be an ideal addition to certain foods. It’s important to mention that nitrogen has a freezing point of -346 degrees Fahrenheit. Individuals and professionals can harvest and compress nitrogen, crowding all of the molecules close together. This compression generates a lot of heat, which is why we must allow it to expand to cool down properly. The expansion process allows nitrogen molecules to slow down and cool, creating a very cold temperature. 

Nitrogen is ideal for ice cream because it is tasteless, odorless, colorless, and yields a low freezing point. When utilized by trained technicians (such as our frosticians), liquid nitrogen can provide an ideally consistent result that delights the taste buds and has you coming back for more!

Recipe Perfection

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream has invested a lot of time, energy, and money into perfecting our products. The result is a high-quality dessert that has all of our customers raving. For those curious about how to craft delicious nitrogen ice cream, here are a few basic steps:

  1. Select the base — Our frosticians will take care of all of the technical work, leaving you to focus on your base choice — ice cream, frozen yogurt, or coconut milk.
  2. Add the liquid nitrogen — Equipped with the right equipment and safety gear, our team adds the right amount of nitrogen to the mixture.
  3. Wait for the right results — Mixing your nitrogen ice cream too soon can cause the concoction to bubble over, creating a mess and resulting in a flavor that is not up to our standards.
  4. Stir away — When the time comes, our frosticians will stir the mixture, ensuring that it is evenly chilled and balanced with the right amount of liquid nitrogen. Our process ensures that we balance the right amount of nitrogen with the right level of mixing for a perfectly creamy finish.

While we can’t give away the secrets behind our famous formula, we can discuss our process with those dealing with food allergies or making dietary changes to ensure they have a healthy experience. Check out our frozen yogurt and coconut milk ice cream bases before visiting! Also be sure to browse our menu, which features favorites from our Very Velvet and Cosmic Brownie to PB&J and more!

The Science Behind the Flavor

How does freezing your ice cream with nitrogen help to make it so delectable? The secret is in the shortness of the freeze time. Rapid freezing at -320 degrees Fahrenheit causes the particles in your mixture to stay small, creating an evenly creamy outcome. Failure to rely on nitrogen for ice cream can result in ice crystals, which do not positively contribute to the texture or flavor profiles. 

Rapid freezing also helps to preserve the nutrient composition of your ice cream. Degradation is a natural process, and immediately begins to damage the structures of our food. Our scientific process works to preserve the integrity of the ice cream with a fast freeze, preserving the nutrition and flavor.

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