Over the past 35 years, ice cream has evolved to become even richer and fuller of flavor than ever before imagined. Children, adults, and seniors across the country cannot get enough of this creamy treat, but at the beginning of the 1980s, shops starting selling an ice cream substitute that provided the same texture and taste without the calories.
Frozen yogurt has long been an accepted part of our dessert lineup, yet to this day, people are debating which frozen treat is best for consumption. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream is here to provide hungry customers across Orlando with an unforgettable dining experience. Our local ice cream shop relies on liquid nitrogen to freeze our products, delivering a taste that cannot be beat!

Today, we’ll take the time to highlight a few comparisons between ice cream and frozen yogurt, as well as the benefits of infusing ice cream with nitrogen. Want nitrogen ice cream for your party? Contact us today to learn about our catering services!

Culinary Composition

The source behind the debate for these two treats comes from how they are made. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream can craft a delectable dessert with either material as a base, combining it with our process of molecular gastronomy to craft a perfect flavor profile.

Frozen yogurt is sourced from cultured milk as opposed to cream, providing a different base that mimics the flavor and texture of traditional ice cream. Law prohibits ice cream from being anything less than 10% milk fat, ensuring that you are left with a creamy, full-bodied dessert.

Health Considerations

We all love ice cream, but many health-conscious individuals are not fans of consuming 10% milk fat. In this case, frozen yogurt takes the cake because of its healthful benefits. Relying on cultured milk instead of cream will deliver ideal results, cutting your calories, fat, and saturated fat by more than half. Many people worry about the flavor of such healthful alternatives, but you can enjoy your treat even more knowing you won’t have to worry about the consequences later on. Frozen yogurt can also provide the perfect base for those with lactose issues.

Before you go all-in on froyo, it’s important to look at the ingredients to determine if this delicious treat is truly as healthy is people claim. Keep in mind that companies will often add sugar to frozen yogurt to increase the taste, but add on the calories you were hoping to avoid in the first place. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream is here to help health-conscious customers craft the right concoction to satiate their taste buds, relying on our healthy, wholesome ingredients to personalize the results for each individual.

Flavor Profiles

When it comes to full-bodied flavor, many people prefer ice cream over most dessert treats on a hot, sunny day. Keep in mind that this treat has been around for hundreds of years, giving innovators the time to perfect the mixture. Today, our nitrogen ice cream in Orlando provides the right refreshment for locals, especially going into our summer months. We’re happy to create a tasty, healthy, or even strange dessert to make you happy. Remember that ice cream often requires less sugar to flavor than froyo, and you should ask if you are worried about the calories or fat content!

In our humble opinion, the frozen yogurt made at our liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Orlando is creamy and dense enough to taste better than our competitors’ full-bodied ice creams. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream relies on fancy technology to create flavorful outcomes that you’ll have to taste to believe!

Regardless of Your Choice, We Freeze to -320 Degrees!

Ice cream is one of America’s top desserts, so how could we possibly make it better? Simple — we freeze our products to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a creamy mixture void of any crystals normally found after typical freezing procedures, leaving you with a rich, decadent finish that tastes good with any base. Choose from our ice cream, frozen yogurt, our coconut milk to create a truly delicious experience for you and the entire family.

Ready to taste the frozen difference? Visit Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream in Orlando today for a flavorful experience, and be sure to contact us online if you have any questions!