Summer is almost here, and many Floridians are looking forward to the beautiful weather and sunshine. Once the temperatures begin to soar, residents will begin to look for relief by any means possible. One delicious way to beat the heat and have a good time is to go out for ice cream. A classic go-to for locals of all ages, this frozen treat is creamy, rich, and available in a variety of flavors. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream of Orlando is here to provide a full range of delicious treats for our happy customers, relying on the best ingredients and the coolest technology in the industry to provide a truly satisfying result.

Today, we’ll highlight our available products to help you consider which treat is ideal for you. If you’re ready to try one of our amazing flavors for yourself, be sure to visit or ice cream shop today!

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Ice cream has long been a dessert favorite in America. College students, children, the elderly, and everyone in between loves the decadent flavors provided by this creamy treat, and our team is proud to say that we’ve managed to improve on an already-perfect product!

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream relies on nitrogen to create a colder concoction, creating a denser, creamier treat that provides a full profile of flavor. You’ll love the texture in combination with one of our delicious available flavors. Our ice cream shop also provides a range of delicious toppings and sweet sauces to turn your cone or bowl into a personalized festival of flavor. We chill all of our nitrogen ice cream to -320 degrees Fahrenheit, relying on science to enhance a favorite dessert.

Frozen Yogurt

While we rely on the freshest and healthiest ingredients to fashion our nitrogen ice cream, some customers prefer a leaner option. You can rely on our frozen yogurt as your base, providing the same decadence of ice cream without the calories or fat. Don’t worry, as our frosticians will flash-freeze your frozen yogurt with the same nitrogen used for our ice cream options. You will be left with a lighter option that is both delicious and better for your body. No matter your taste preferences, the team at Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream in Orlando is here and ready to help!

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Our team strives to deliver the most delicious experiences for everyone, and we are happy to work with individuals with dietary restrictions to achieve a delicious outcome. Our coconut milk ice cream is gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. Utilizing this choice as your frozen base provides an ideal platform for all of our delicious flavors and toppings.

Dragon’s Breath

Our use of liquid nitrogen helps to establish the creamiest and most delicious flavors available, and we are pleased to be able to offer our Dragon’s Breath. This refreshing concoction relies on a coating of liquid nitrogen to allow you to breathe smoke like a dragon! Simply pick your favorite flavor, rely on the stick we provide to eat it, then blow on your spoonful a few times, chew it, crush it, then eat for the best results.

Dragon’s Breath ice cream can infuse some serious fun into your visit, so be sure to check out our menu when you visit our parlor on N. Alafaya Trail.

We Offer Catering, Too!

If you love the flavor and excitement of our nitrogen ice cream, why not bring the fun to your next event? Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream offers catering services across Orlando, providing businesses and private parties with an ideal buffet of frozen treats. We bring everything we need to your venue, including our nitrogen machines. Our team then offers full-service ice cream catering, providing cones and sundaes to your guests and cleaning up once all is said and done.

Ready for Top Rated Local® Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream?

Science has done a lot for humanity, including the creation of a dessert treat that is creamier, denser, and more refreshing than other options. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream of Orlando is here to provide the best ingredients and top-tier customer service to provide an ideal experience for families, birthday parties, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our fun and frozen take on ice cream, and be sure to visit our local parlor to see just how delicious our wares can be!