It’s summertime here already, and many locals across Florida are planning on making the most of the warm temperatures and sunshine. If you have a corporate event coming up, or you are looking for a great way to enhance the fun at your child’s party, ice cream catering may prove to be a perfect choice. Sure, there’s cotton candy vendors, sub sandwich artists, and even your favorite taco bar, but when it comes to delicious treats in Orlando, nitrogen ice cream can’t be beat!

If you’ve never tried the creamy flavor of nitrogen ice cream, our Orlando ice cream parlor is here to light up your tastebuds. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream on North Alafaya Trail can provide the best version of America’s favorite dessert. We’ve become a hot spot (not literally!) for kids, college students, and working adults.

Today, we’ll highlight the value of hiring our ice cream catering experts to take care of the treats at your next event. Never tried our nitrogen ice cream? Stop by today, and be sure to ask about our top-notch catering services!

Create the Perfect Party

Summer is here, and many Floridians will be planning on attending a range of events. Whether you’re planning on hosting a fundraiser for your church, a team-building event for your corporate team, or a fun-filled birthday party, it pays to cater the confectionary delights that your guests will love.

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream can provide fun and flavorful experiences for all manner of guests, including hungry toddlers, career professionals, and everyone in between. We understand that hosting an event can be stressful, and our team will take care of every aspect of the food and treats. Our full-service caterers will set up, serve your guests, and clean everything up when done.

Frozen Flavors Offered On-Site

If you love the unbeatable creaminess and taste of our nitrogen ice cream, be prepared to experience the full panoply of flavor in a mobile format. Unlike other companies which cater only a select menu or charge an arm and a leg to bring a specialty machine, our ice cream shop in Orlando arrives at your event with all of the ingredients, gear, and equipment needed to provide full-service fun. We top our nitrogen ice cream with delicious toppings such as our chocolate or caramel sauce. Cone or sundae, ice cream or frozen yogurt, you can expect the best flavor from our Frosticians!

Taste the Freeze

If you’ve never tasted the quality behind Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream, prepare to be impressed! Our Frosticians have perfect the process of making beautifully delicious ice cream, relying on nitrogen to freeze your favorite ice cream, frozen yogurt, or coconut milk ice cream to perfection. At -320 degrees Fahrenheit, your nitrogen ice cream is creamier and denser than traditional options, enhancing the flavor profile and creating more smiles in the process.

Ready to Get Started?

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream is available to cater your next event. After serving hundreds of customers, we’re confident that our ice cream shop can deliver the best experience for all of your guests. Contact us today to learn about how we craft the best nitrogen ice cream in Orlando, and be sure to ask about how effective and affordable our catering services can be!