Are you planning on hosting your child’s birthday party this year? It can help to come prepared with a range of tips from our team to help make life easier. Keep reading for a few of our tips, and be sure to browse our site to learn about the unbeatable flavor of our nitrogen ice cream!

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream of Orlando is here to delight your taste buds. Learn more about our products before visiting our parlor!

Invite the Right Number of Guests

One thing many parents do not consider is the complications of inviting too many guests. For one, it can add up to be quite the hassle, and secondly, it may prove to be overwhelming for your young child. We recommend balancing the fun and fairness by inviting a select number of special quests. If you invite too few people, then your child may not have as much fun, and their friends may be offended. Invite too many, and your party may come to a grinding halt.

Choose Your Invite Medium

Once you have your guests picked out, it’s important to choose how to reach out to them. It can be hard to decide how to best contact your guests these days. Traditional invites are a classy way for guests to RSVP, yet email invites provide top-notch convenience without any cost.

If you’re planning on throwing a bash, then it helps to set the tone with a quality invite. Custom birthday prints are available through many stores and online sites, while design templates can be relied on to create a high-quality email. No matter your choice, be sure to get the right addresses (physical or online) and send out your invites with time for guests to RSVP!

Choose the Gift Rules

Many kids love to receive a gift from all of their friends, but if you’re looking to minimize your long-term collection of clutter, then opting out of gifts may prove to be an ideal choice. If your little one wants to collect on their special day, then you can send out an invite with a dollar limit. No matter your choice, it’s beneficial to set rules for all guests to follow. You don’t want anyone to stress about this process, so be sure to set a cost limit. This will help to avoid any awkward exchanges for those who come empty-handed and those who gift priceless gems!

Set the Theme

Kids loving playing make-believe, which is why your child’s birthday party is the perfect time for little ones to let their imaginations run wild! Talk with your child about what they want to do, whether it involves super heroes, princesses, or anything in between. Be sure to plan in advance for all of the banners, streamers, and activities to bring your theme to life!

Supply Nitrogen Ice Cream

One of the best ways to create excitement at your little one’s party is to rely on science! Ice cream frozen with nitrogen provides an exciting way for kids to enjoy their desserts. This process freezes the nitrogen ice cream at -320 degrees Fahrenheit, creating the densest, smoothest, and most creamy treats. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream of Orlando is here to provide the fun and flavor for parties across the city! We offer top-notch catering services complete with all of the tools and experience needed to create an ideal event.

Are you ready to infuse some fun into your child’s birthday party? Contact us today to learn more about our process, and be sure to stop by our ice cream shop on N. Alafaya Trail to taste the difference for yourself!