For those looking for the decadence of ice cream in Orlando without a load of fat and calories, we offer frozen yogurt as a base. Its sweet and tangy taste and its exceptionally smooth texture mimics ice cream in all the best ways, except that it’s reported to be healthier.

Using the same process of flash-freezing the yogurt base, through the use of liquid nitrogen, the frozen technicians (or frosticians, as we like to call them) create customized treats that promise a level of delight and satisfaction that goes far beyond the imagination of your taste buds. The level of frigid cold your mouth experiences just enhances the taste and texture you love with frozen yogurt. Guiding you to discover new favorites alongside your go-to classics, Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream of Orlando’s frosticians help you select the perfect toppings that complement each of the dozen flavors best. From traditional combinations to eclectic — and even weird — choices, we build frozen concoctions that promise to delight.

Whether the kids deserve “froyo” for a great day at school or the sales team at work has earned a little show of appreciation, Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream on Alafaya Trail is the fun and delicious choice. Stop by our ice cream shop to taste the quality difference for yourself, or contact us to learn more!